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B84/W19Inspiration of book /chief editor, Mo Tingli.Artpower International Publishing,[2014]
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B848/W12Left brain, right stuff : how leaders make winning decisions /Phil Rosenzweig.Profile Books,2014
B848/W13How to fly a horse : the secret history of creation, invention, and discovery /Kevin Ashton.William Heinemann,2015
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F270/W19Buzz : how to create it and win with it /Edward I. Koch and Christy Heady.American Management Association,c2007.
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H195/W1(2)Fun with Chinese characters /cartoonist, Tan Huay Peng.Marshall Cavendish Editions,2006
H195/W1(3)Fun with Chinese characters /cartoonist, Tan Huay Peng.Marshall Cavendish Editions,2006
H313.3-61/W1Dictionary of proverbs and their origins /Linda and Roger Flavell.Prgeone,2011
H313.3-61/W2Dictionary of idioms and their origins /Linda and Roger Flavell.Prgeone,2011
H313.9-61/W1Dictionary of English down the ages : words & phrases born out of historical events great & small /Linda and Roger Flavell.Prgeone,2011
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J063/W5Complete process color chart & four-color superimposition gold and silver = 标准四色配色手册,四... Printing Co., Ltd.,2013
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